A butterfly bush was gifted to me by several sweet friends, and butterflies in particular love it. This same group of friends and I were talking about the mysterious transformation that butterflies experience while in the chrysalis. Little movement takes place while the soon-to-be-butterfly is in this encasement. Some species are able to create abdominal sounds to ward off predators. When it’s time to break free, two sharp claws at the base of their forewings help tear the surface and allow freedom. The first order of business for the newly-emerged butterfly is to harden its wings. The butterfly will perch on the chrysalis and do this, but if the chrysalis is on the ground, the butterfly will find another vertical space on which to strengthen itself.

Metamorphosis is no light lunch. Great change requires safe space. If you are going through great change, and feel the need to protect and nurture yourself, know that nature is validating your instinct.

Even butterflies know battle.

And to be glorious, beautiful, inspiration, iconic, light, soft and sweet, claws and the safe vertical are required, my Love.

They are required.

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